You can use the warn-scraper command-line tool to scrape available states by supplying one or more two-letter state postal codes. It will write files, by default, to a hidden directory in the user’s home directory. On Apple and Linux systems, this will be ~/.warn-scraper.

# Scrape a single state
warn-scraper AK

# Scrape multiple states
warn-scraper AK CT

To use the warn library in Python, import a state’s scraper and run it directly.

from warn.scrapers import ak



You can set the WARN_OUTPUT_DIR environment variable to specify a different download location.

Use the --help flag to view additional configuration and usage options:

warn-scraper --help

Usage: python -m warn [OPTIONS] [STATES]...

  Command-line interface for downloading WARN Act notices.

  STATES -- a list of one or more state postal codes to scrape. Pass `all` to
  scrape all supported states.

  --data-dir PATH                 The Path were the results will be saved
  --cache-dir PATH                The Path where results can be cached
  --delete / --no-delete          Delete generated files from the cache
                                  Set the logging level
  --help                          Show this message and exit.