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Email sent to Aug 6, 2021

Hi, I’m emailing on behalf of Stanford’s Big Local News project. We’re trying to increase journalists’ access to WARN data, and we had a question about Colorado’s WARN data. In comparing your 2021 data with previous years, I’m wondering if ‘layoff total’ in the archived data (2015-2019) represents a sum of the ‘permanent layoffs’, ‘temporary layoffs’, and ‘furloughs’ columns in the 2021 data. Would that be a fair assessment? Thanks for your help! (P.S: if you happen to have any data for Colorado before 2015, that would be nice to have!)

Response Received:

Thank you for your question. You are correct. The Total layoffs from 2015-2019 includes all permanent, temporary and furloughs reported under WARN for those years. We evolved the data as time progressed and we better understood the data needs of the public.